Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome Home Women Folk

The family, besides Dad, Phil and I who were working, just returned from spending a few days at Stephen and Sarah's.

Every day the women do so much for us men which goes unnoticed. At our home that includes meals, laundry, general house cleaning, shopping, help in the garden, their great company in the evenings after work and caring for us in so many other ways.

We sure missed them this last weekend! With the long hours at work I didn't have much time for meal preparation. Left over beef and potato stew for dinner two nights and in a tortilla for lunches. I attempted to make a healthy shake like Susanna so cheerfully does for me but it ended up in disaster being sprayed over the cabinets and ceiling by the blender. It didn't compare in taste either. I think what I missed the most was the cheerful greeting I get after returning from a long day at work.

Guys, we need to show some appreciation for the many little things the women in our lives do for us!


  1. Aww, you're so sweet Jon! :-) Wait a minute, I'm still gone... ;-P

  2. I missed you, too, Jon! It's always hard to go on trips without our guys.


  3. Miss you lots Jon! Are you and Phil coming to Ft. Flagler? Hope to see you then!