Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Duck Feast

Saturday night my hunting buddies and I along with our families got together for a duck feast. We all brought the last of our duck which totaled about 30 birds. It was made into two casseroles (one with wild rice and the other with lentils) and served with cooked carrots, turnips, rolls, and salad. For those who didn't care for duck there was rice and meat balls.

Miss KJ, our cook, busy preparing the feast. Thank you for all your work preparing the duck and making the meal. You did a great job! It turned out well and everyone enjoyed it.

KJ read that turnips go well with duck. I haven't had them very much but they were very good!

Some of the decorations for our duck party.

Phil eating his goose leg which was prepared especially for him with the foot still attached. He had left it on when he cleaned and put it in the freezer.


  1. Boy, that meal looks to good to eat! Makes my mouth water without even smelling it. Phil, did you save your goose foot? Make a soup out of it! Add the head too. I'm sure it is a delicacy somewhere! :)

  2. Matthew saved two goose feet that haev been in the shed since last December. I don't think I'd eat a soup made out of those!