Monday, February 22, 2010

The Language of Music by Dr. Frank Garlock

For the last several weeks our family has been gathering with some other friends on Friday night to watch The Language of Music. This week we finished the series and will be starting another.

In these videos (now available on DVD) Dr. Frank Garlock presents a biblically based view of music. He addresses critical questions such as, What is God's relationship to music? Why is music such a powerful means of communication? and How does it affect my life? Some music we may be able to discern whether it is good or bad but here Dr. Garlock goes deeper and helps explain why.


  1. We would love to view this series Jon. Where did you get it? Do you know if you can get it through the library?

    Mrs. B

  2. Our family has had it on VHS for awhile. It is now available on DVD and can purchased from Majesty Music.

  3. My word of caution for the church:

    I'm sure it has good information on it, but our experience with Majesty Music, Garlock, and the Ron Hamilton group has led us to use caution with them to the point that we avoid their music altogether. Hamilton's music mimics CCM, is doctrinally shallow, and is sentimental/emotional rather than giving God glory and reverence. Their Majesty songbook takes a lot of liberties with good hymns in order to obtain Garlock copyrights such as rearranging or rewriting music to good hymns such as Tell Me The Story of Jesus by Fanny Crosby. The songbook also contains CCM songs written for and performed by Keith Green, etc. It appears that the Garlocks are more interested in the music industry/business rather than glorifying God even though they may espouse all the correct things.

    Music in my opinion is the, or definitely one of the easiest ways for Satan to get into a church and turn its focus from glorifying God to focusing on self. As Garlock said music is a powerful means of communication and it can also be very deceiving.

    If the line is fuzzy or "grey", then stay far from it in the church. The congregation ought to be able to joyfully sing God honoring hymns without any doubt.

  4. Came across your blog today when looking up info on this DVD series on music. I am the mother of 8 (#9 is due in 3 months) and our teenaged children are needing more direction in this area.
    I thank you for sharing. I am also planning on stopping in once in awhile to read your blog...what I read today gave me hope for my children. In this society there are so few young men like you have portrayed yourself to be.
    Encouragement to you in the Lord,
    Mrs. M
    Psalm 128