Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Vehicle

I know, I know! It's number six in three years. But, this one is better then the one I have (like every other one) but really, it is. My dream vehicle.

The Murphys were trying to figure out how I'd get around while over there since I'd be doing a lot odd projects and running errands. They found this on the Charlottesville Craigslist. After I'm done I could drive it back home. 

Pictures coming soon...


  1. June will be a beautiful month to drive your new vehicle home in.

  2. My oh my! What is that scripture...the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak? Just in case no one has ever told you before, there is always a car better than the one you got, he, he! I'm sure your mama is glad that you will be driving home in a safer car. Is that what you meant by better? More reliable? Can't wait for the pictures - gee, dream vehicle could mean car, truck, SUV, motorcycle (hopefully not), or horse drawn carriage! Our curiosity is peaked!
    Mama Bryan for Bryan clan

  3. At least tell us what color the truck is!

    Glad Linda said "drive home in" - we were worried they might try to keep you! We can't loose any more friends to Virginia. One family is sad enough!

    All of us miss you Murphy's!!!


  4. Mindy,

    Virginia has a way to get into one's heart. If Jon should choose to stay I guess you'll never see his new vehicle "live", unless you too come to Virginia! :)


  5. Linda,

    "Live" vehicle...

    Covered Wagon and team of mules/oxen/horses, perhaps?

    "Virginia has a way to get into one's heart"? I seem to recall a certain story about flies... I think you mean "getting under one's skin or into one's breakfast"! ;)

    Actually, I would like to visit Buxton Farm - flies or no flies.


  6. I could do without the fly part, the leaky windows, and the critters under the house. That part gets under the skin, but I think that its this house and not so much Virginia. Virginia hasn't gotten in my heart yet, I'm still trying to understand how some of them talk. ~Joe