Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wallet in the front Pocket?

After my accident I had to start going regularly to the chiropractor. Dr. Neff informed me right away that it was not good to have my wallet in my back pocket. Presumably, it's because the wallet off-sets your back when you sit down, which while unnoticeable at first, will lead to long term damage to one's back. This could be made worse if you already have a back problems or have a thick wallet. My first thought was that is a wild idea and it probably doesn't make that much difference. However, after doing a little research I found several others agree.

Often while lying on the bench at Dr. Neff's as he was checking to see if I was still in he'd ask me if I had my wallet in my back pocket. As soon as I removed it he'd notice a difference and could adjust me accordingly. As of recently I've decided to start keeping my wallet in my front pocket and have found I like it better there. 

Besides your back two other reasons to keep your wallet in your front pocket are (1) it's a much less likely target for a pickpocket and (2) it's simply more comfortable to sit down that way.


  1. Well, I don't keep my wallet in my front or back pocket=)


  2. It's amazing how the body reacts to something so small.

    I find that sitting on my purse can throw my balance out and make some exclamation come out of my mouth.

  3. I've been keeping my wallet in my front pocket for a while now. I started doing it because it drive nuts sitting on it so I was taking it out every time I sat down! Tell me that makes a whole lot of sense. \:{ Since I started keeping it in my front pocket, it is so much more compfortable that I can't tell for sure it is here unless I feel for it.

  4. I dont carry money very offten so it dosent bother me. Sitting on a purse would make an exclamation come out of my mouth to mrs. Murphy!

  5. No one said anything about money.