Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Garden Grew

Today my help and I leveled the garden area and I made the boxes for our raised beds. I also picked up a load of compost to fill them. Our garden has now grown to 40' x 18'


  1. Hi Jon,
    You are working like busy beavers! We are so impressed! We have used raised beds for years and love it. Just a few thoughts, many plants have root depth deeper than 6" so it pays to make your beds at least 12-16" deep. If you plant potatoes they will need even deeper boxes. But carrots will do better as will beets with deeper boxes. Also, I know it's expensive but if you combine peat moss and vermeculite with the compost it will help the soil to have the right aeration ratio. Yet, all that being said, some people have good results with just compost. Have you decided what you're going to plant? Great layout on the boxes! We love all your posts!
    The Bryan Clan

  2. Jon,

    The garden looks great. I like how it will be easy to get around the garden without trampling over things, of course if you plant cukes, squash, and pumpkins, they'll have a tendency to take over the walking paths. I'm looking forward to photos after things are growing.