Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First Riding Lesson

Yesterday I had my first riding lesson! Allison, my trainer, let me ride her stud, Playboy, a 250 thousand dollar horse who shes won everything with. I learned to saddle him and then took him out to the arena.

In the arena after getting a few tips I got to walk around alone with him, trot, and then lope which was a lot of fun. She also had me do a few spins which was really exciting, especially on a horse like that!

Because I broke my pelvis a few years ago riding does hurt it some after awhile. I just need to stretch a little more. 

I have three hours of horse lecture to get caught up on before the next on Wednesday and more riding. Stay turned...

Allison riding Playboy


  1. Kinda like riding a super tricked out sportscar. Sounds fun!


  2. You'll have to get some pictures! That would be fun to ride a horse like that! We're all "staying tune". :-)