Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Horseshoe Heel Plates

I like my cowboy boots. For the last few years that's all I've worn. One down side to wearing cowboy boots all the time is that the heels can wear down quickly, especially if you're on concrete. I tried some heel savers but they didn't set level. A few weeks ago I found these heel plates used by military and police. So far I've been happy with them. They are a little noisy walking on hard surfaces and can be slick on linoleum. If you're on concrete or dirt/grass/gravel they work great and should make heels last a lot longer.

These can be purchased from Liams Shoppe through


  1. I want some "tap dancing shoes" too.=)

    ~Hanna and Susi

  2. If'n my memory hasn't failed me, don't you girls have 3 pairs of tap dancing shoes under your beds? ;-P