Monday, March 15, 2010

A Journey Home

I just watched this movie and really appreciated it. I enjoyed learning about the way they live, something that really interests me, and the way God used them to serve Him. It's a good movie for the family to see. 

Winner of the Jubilee Award for Best Documentary at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, A Journey Home tells the story of the extraordinary path traveled by Tommy Waller, his wife Sherri, and their 11 children.

“The story of Tommy’s magnificent family captured my heart and demanded that we make this film,” said Ken Carpenter, producer/director of A Journey Home.
The story of the Waller family was filmed over an 18 month period, and includes scenes in Russell Creek (an Amish/Mennonite community), and the historic communities of Franklin and Leipers Fork, Tennessee. The film also travels with the Wallers as their current work unfolds in Jerusalem and in the West Bank areas of Israel.

“Although the Wallers essentially strip away all of the conveniences most of us equate with contentment and happiness, they possess a joy and contentment quite unlike the average American family,” explained Carpenter.

“It’s very gratifying to now see audiences being challenged and encouraged by Tommy’s commitment to his wife and children. We live in a world where television and films almost always portray the normal family as largely dysfunctional. The story of the Wallers gives us hope and a wonderful vision of what family life can really mean,” added Carpenter.

The Journey Home DVD is packed with Bonus Features that will enhance your experience with this inspiring family.

A Journey Home features music by The Peasall Sisters, Marty Goetz, and Stacy Jagger.

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  1. Our family has recently watched this DVD too and found it to be very inspiring and encouraging. It helps to see families like theirs and realize "Hmmm...what do we really need to be truly content and happy?"
    ~The Hammond Clan