Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Buxton Cows

Happy cows on pasture make a good picture

Mr. Murphy ready to move the cows to the next paddock
Cows running into their new paddock

Yesterdays paddock and today's

Portable fencing makes it easy to move cows daily in small paddocks

A Blownd (did I spell it right Mr. Murphy?)

Cows work great for stopping erosion

Moving cows to a new field

Mineral for the cows. At Buxton and Polyface they give them sea salt, kelp, and a nutritional balancer


  1. Great pictures Jon. Thank you for posting them!

  2. Wow! LOVED those pics- esp the differences of pastures from 'yesterday and today'. :)

  3. Jon,

    I think it should be spelled Blhound. Short for Black Hole in the Ground. I don't think there is an official spelling so it might as well be Blhound.

  4. The grass in the "today's pasture" was waist deep and thick. We were giving 250 cows about 1 1/2 acres for a day and the grass would be mowed down to lawn height. Its exciting seeing what a herd like this can do when they are disciplined with electric fence (modern predator pressure) to act like a herd.