Saturday, June 5, 2010

Murphy family pictures

I arrived in Roanoke, VA May 1st

Reading to the Murphy children


Mrs. Murphy and Ruthy returning with eggs


The Murphy family


 Visiting Falling Spring Falls
Having fun in a tire show room





Daniel's 2nd birthday

I couldn't get out of wearing the party hat as the children insisted.

John Deer gear

My buddy Thomas

Soaking wet after a walk during a down pour

Mr. Murphy mowing the lawn

New mouse traps



  1. Peter has grown up so much! We al really miss you, Murphys!


  2. What, no pictures of Detroit? Leanne loves the kitty picture, Matt likes the ATV picture, I love the little kiddo photos, and Bret likes "Falling Spring Falls" because it sounds so, well, obvious and redundant at the same time!

    Lots of love,
    The Bryan Clan

  3. Bryan family,

    This is less then 1/10 of the pictures. More coming soon. However during my stay in Detroit I never left the airport and it was at night so no pictures.

  4. Peter is growing up SO fast! We miss you Murphy's! Hopefully we could visit you soon!

  5. Great pictures Jon! I especially like the one of Peter in the car seat, it makes him look so mature.

    Bryans, "Falling Spring Falls". Isn't that funny? They name things for what they are around here. Like Steeple View Lane because you can see the steeple. Or Miss Phillips Road because Miss Phillips who lived there never got married. Or Shuey Road because the Shuey's used to own a bunch of land on that road. Or Steep Road because the road is steep. Or Buxton Lane because Buxton Farm is at the end of it. At least they are pronounceable unlike Lummi, Sammamish, or Tulalip. Although I must say that just because it is obviously pronounceable, the locals will very often pronounce it in some unexpected way. Like McClung with a short u, they would pronounce it with a long u. Hard to get used to.

    We miss you everyone! Is it too late to move the wedding ceremony to Buxton Farm? We have some very beautiful locations for a wedding.

  6. The two new "mousetraps" are now named Smokey and Iamee. Smokey and Iamee are close friends with our dog Sammy. They cuddle up together even in the heat of the day.