Monday, June 14, 2010

Sarah and Stephen Married, and update

The big day has come and is now passed. Sarah and Stephen are somewhere on their honeymoon and I'm sure enjoying themselves. We're all very happy for them but miss them a lot.

Sarah always called me "J" and continued doing so even though I told her I didn't like that nickname. When I said goodbye and gave her a hug she called me "J" again. First thing I noticed when I came home from work today was no Sarah to greet me with a big smile and say "J is home! How was your day?" I'm going to miss that. Our "4 oldest" activities won't be the same without her. We love you Sarah!

I had gotten sick the day before we left for the wedding and most of the time I was there I had a head ache. Between that and the very emotional wedding I was very wore out. I've caught up a little on sleep and am getting back into the everyday routine. I finally got to my room which was neglected for the last week. The garden is growing fast. More updates to come on that. Work is picking up and I have all the hours I want and more right now. I've been able to get a few chicken customers and hope to raise a batch in August and September. 

Life is very full right now. And I'm enjoying it!

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  1. Jon,
    I have been so blessed by reading through your blog. To see you, as a young man, with your focus on target (growing in Christ and becoming the Godly gentleman/one-day husband/father (Lord willing) He created you to be) as well your love for your is just such a blessing. Keep on keepin' on and give your sweet family our hellos (By the way, we were SOOOOOO sorry to have missed the wedding :o( We could not come due to health challenges but have so enjoyed the great pictures here on your blog. What an adorable, sweet couple they make. Couldn't be happier for them!)
    Kristen for the Cormicks