Monday, June 7, 2010


Its that time of year again and I'm returning to my usual summer job at Rader for the 8th year. I have my normal position as back dock superviser where I oversee the incoming fresh fruit, it's storage in the coolers, and baby sitting forklift drivers.

I'm starting three weeks before the season starts to prep the dock for harvest. Flats and lugs will be trucked in, washed and stacked; pallets sorted, repaired or hauled away, and stacked, cardboard hauled to other storage, and other general maintenance of the dock, coolers, trucks and forklifts.

Last year I bought a street bike and road it everyday to work putting on about 1200 miles. I saved a ton on gas and got some good exercise. Today I pulled my bike out of storage, pumped up the tires, and got all my gear ready to go. I look forward to my first ride of the year tomorrow morning.