Sunday, June 27, 2010

Buxton/Virginia Scenery

The Ten Commandments in granite
These signs are seen all over as we drove through Virginia. I would have enjoyed stopping to read them all if we had the time
Falling Spring Falls
Road kill: snapping turtle
Buxton Farm
Cabin at the fork in the road
The old hen house and pigsty
The Murphy's home
The granary
The barn with the brooder and processing area
Old Buxton trailer
Poison Ivy
View from the hill of the pond
View of the broiler field from the hill
Old cabin

Old cattle shoot
Eggmobile in the cabin field
The cabin
Inside the cabin
A outhouse behind the cabin
The cable bridge

hay in one of the old barns
A rare fossil
The original settler's barn
Ducklings on the pond
Butterfly on the pasture
The river
Some of God's artwork

A black snake I shot
Ruthy with the snake
Most of the old buildings there are only supported by rocks stood on end
The Murphy's seller. I was fascinated by the old construction of it
The pasture salad bar

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