Saturday, January 23, 2010


Last year I started our composting operation. I made my own compost rings using wire fencing in a 3' circle. I stapled 1"x4"s on the ends and put hooks on to keep them closed. This method is very efficient but the wire fencing can be expensive and they aren't the prettiest to look at especially in a small yard.

I've heard of and see a few people using old pallets, wiring them together to make a bin. This is a great idea since you can usually find old pallets for free.

This morning I was running errands with the boys and we were keeping our eyes open for pallets. I was quite pleased when we drove by Versa Cold there were some old pallets sides used for storing cherries. I loaded up two of them and they work perfect for my compost bins! They look better then pallets too.

I turned our compost finishing off one bin for the year and moving them out of the way of our garden.

My sisters have been great in helping me with the compost. Aside from grass clippings, leaves, and stuff from our garden we're composting just about anything biodegradable that we'd normally put in our trash. This has helped us cut way back on our garbage bill and our garden will benefit in the coming years.

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